We have a hand-picked portfolio of reputable surgeons we know and trust with our valued clients. Each has their own specialities, prices and level of availability. Read about our highly-regarded, friendly and English-speaking surgeons below to help you choose the one who best fits your personal treatment requirements, budget and timeframes.

Dr Montien

A gentle, kind and conservative man, Dr Montien is widely regarded as the best open rhinoplasty surgeon in Thailand, and is well-known and respected around the world. His reputation and high level of rhinoplasty experience means he is often booked six months in advance, so it can be difficult to secure an appointment with him.
Good things come to those who wait however, which is why International Rejuvenation have been using Dr Montien’s services for over seven years, both for clients and Sam and Sarah’s own cosmetic surgeries. Dr Montien has an excellent command of English and specialises in several procedures.


Open Rhinoplasty, Facelift surgery, Breast and Abdominoplasty.

Dr Pornthep

Best known for his ‘Mummy Makeovers’ (an interchangeable set of treatments to help mothers address the effects of childbearing), Dr Pornthep has a real knack for listening to patients and what they hope to get out of their treatments. He employs his very good English skills to advise his patients about all the pros and cons of each procedure, ensuring they have realistic expectations and are aware of any possible complications.
We work with Dr Pornthep because we recognise his ten years of experience, and appreciate his charity work he performs for Thai people who couldn’t otherwise afford surgery from a doctor with his skill set. He also teach at Chulalongkorn University Medical School, and is only available late in the day and at night as a result.


Mummy Makeover, Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Breast Surgery, Liposuction.

Dr Sukit

Dr Sukit is an older surgeon with an uncanny ability to put his patients at ease. His friendly and personable manner endears him to patients and hospital staff alike. His high level of English is accompanied by a very broad knowledge of the body and a skillset that is unrivalled by most cosmetic surgeons.
Proficient in various difficult procedures, Dr Sukit is an asset to International Rejuvenation, and clients often say he made them feel like a friend or family member – a real plus when travelling abroad for surgery. Perhaps not suitable for budget conscious clients, Dr Sukit’s years of experience are reflected in his prices.


Facelift, Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Breast Surgery, Thigh Lift, Arm Lift, Buttock Lift, Fat grafting and Liposuction.

Dr Supasid

Bringing youthful energy, new techniques and a fresh approach to cosmetic surgery, Dr Supasid has an excellent grasp of the English language and specialises in multiple procedures. Dr Supasid is a well-respected surgeon who has cleverly aligned himself with role model surgeons like Dr Montien and Dr Gary Burget – a pioneer in rhinoplasty surgery – learning all he can from these industry leaders.
We receive great feedback about Dr Supasid, a warm and caring man, and have seen amazing results in the few years they have been working with him. While it may be hard to find testimonials about Dr Supasid on the net due to his short time in the medical tourism sector, we have every confidence in him and consider him as a talented surgery who will shape the future of the industry.


Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), Open Rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty, Breast surgery; ‘Small Areas’ Fat grafting and Liposuction for small areas.

Dr Seree

Having worked in America for seven years, Dr Seree has excellent English language skills. He’s a US Board-certified plastic surgeon and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
Dr Seree is a comforting surgeon who takes the time to answer each and every one of his patient’s questions, making for a thorough consultation. He is best described as very sympathetic, understanding and professional in all dealings with his patients.


Open Rhinoplasty, Facial Surgery and Breast Augmentation.

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