Maxim Swimwear Model Finalist 2017

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Maxim Swimwear Model Finalist 2017 has Breast Augmentation in Thailand.

Earlier in the year, International Rejuvenation had the pleasure of assisting Nicole Dowling with her Breast Augmentation in Bangkok, Thailand. Nicole chose well renowned Dr. Sukit who has many years of experience in Breast surgery and is regarded as one of our most trusted and experienced surgeons.

Nicole said “It’s pretty crazy to look back at before and after pics! I can’t even explain the inner self-confidence I now have to be in a bikini. I’ve always found curves very feminine so in my head I wasn’t a beautiful girl. Every girl has their insecurities and if they want to change something for their own self-confidence then I say GO FOR IT! The number of people I had telling me ‘don’t do it, you shouldn’t change’ actually hurt me because I was doing this for me. I wish I did it sooner and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, or support a friend if they decided to have surgery! Sarah from International Rejuvenation has been my guardian angel throughout the entire process, she’s been by my side from enquiry day right through the process and still to this day! I cannot recommend them enough and their surgeons in Bangkok are 11/10 I was treated like a princess the whole time! It’s days like today I’m grateful for taking charge and doing something for myself.”

Nicole has won numerous competitions and since her Breast Augmentation in February and has taken out the following titles: Maxim Swimwear Model Finalist 2017, National Finalists for Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Most Photogenic 2017 for Miss Hawaiian Tropic and Winner of the USA 2017 International Bikini Model Search.

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  1. Aw I love this it brings back so many happy feelings! Thank you guys, I can’t even put into words how much this journey has changed my life and I’m so so so glad I found you to guide me through <3

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