Dr Supasid and why he is getting excellent reviews!

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Dr. Supasid is our youngest surgeon in the Internation Rejuvenation team.

Dr. Supasid has trained oversea’s in the Netherlands and is a leading expert in Rhinoplasty and Breast surgery in Thailand. In fact, the team at International Rejuvenation are such big fans of him Sam insisted that he was her sister’s surgeon when she traveled to Thailand for cosmetic surgery a few years ago.

Last month we had a patient undergo surgery with Dr. Supasid for a breast revision. The revision was because she had one breast that was sagging off to one side after favoring this breast when breastfeeding her children. This led the breast to produce more milk and becoming larger. The plan was for the patient to have a small lift (donut lift, peri areola lift) on the sagging side and breast implants, possibly two different sizes to even up the breasts.

As you could imagine the patient was a little nervous to have the lift on one side however she trusted in the surgeon’s evaluation and once she had her face to face consultation for the surgery in Thailand she was a lot more confident about the breast lift with implants. The cost of this surgery was a fraction of what she would have paid in New Zealand for the same procedure.

The patient is now 4 weeks post op and her results are amazing as you can see. She was so pleased with Dr. Supasid and the whole process with us, she writes: “Overall this experience has exceeded my expectations. I have felt well organised and informed throughout my stay thanks to the IR team and my surgeon and the hospital were fantastic. I expected to feel nervous but that never happened.”

Implants: Mentor, smooth round
Size: 375cc
Profile: Moderate Plus
Lift: Small lift on right side
Surgeon: Dr. Supasid

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