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A leader in medical tourism, International Rejuvenation is a New Zealand company run by Sarah (Sam) Morgan and Sarah Field.

Sam and Sarah have immersed themselves in the medical tourism industry since 2008. They use their extensive knowledge and personal surgery experiences to provide both men and women with a friendly, personal and comfortable service that’s unrivalled.

  • Accuracy and efficiency.

  • Comfort with all your travels.


  • Accuracy and efficiency
  • Highest-quality comprehensive medical care
  • NZ-based case managers
  • Patient managers handle patients in Thailand
  • Highly regarded medical and accommodation partners
  • Full assistance while in Bangkok
  • Medical and recovery focused service for best health outcome
  • Specialists in large, multiple and complex procedures
  • Select portfolio of surgeons
  • All staff have received surgery in Thailand and have extensive knowledge and experience of the plastic surgery industry



We only deal with partners who share our vision and put the patient’s health and results first. As such we use only premium accommodation venues and reputable, internationally recognised JCI-Accredited Hospitals, surgeons and doctors.

Our compassionate and approachable case managers understand the complex emotions and concerns you may have when considering surgery in Thailand. Rather than marketing our services as a Thai holiday with surgery included, we focus more on our patient’s health, recovery and end results to ensure the best possible outcome. Nice hotels and rest and relaxation in an amazing country are just an added bonus


Sam speaks about her own surgeries

“It’s never too late to feel amazing and be comfortable with yourself on a day-to-day basis. Life is too short to be unhappy with yourself, which is why I built up the courage to go ahead with a procedure that would boost my self-esteem once and for all. After years of research I realised you didn’t actually need to be a celebrity to get plastic surgery – it’s within everyone’s reach if you’re open to some more affordable options. I had always wanted Rhinoplasty so I could feel ‘normal’, so I definitely understand the uncertainty and anxiety that comes with such an important decision.

For me, all I wanted was for the way I looked on the outside to be a true reflection on how I felt on the inside. When I heard about the option of getting cosmetic surgery in Thailand even though I live in New Zealand, it was one of the defining moments that saw me finally book a consultation. It turned out great, and honestly I regret not having it done sooner. To date, I have had Rhinoplasty, a breast augmentation, liposuction, a tummy tuck and a chin implant. These procedures were all carefully planned over multiple years and have given me the ability to love the skin I’m in and to feel comfortable in the care of a team of medical professionals. The most important thing is to let your heart lead the way and to do what you feel is both physically and mentally right for you, as it all comes together in the end.”


Sarah talks about how she regained that “womanly” feeling

“One of the key moments that helped me to decide to have a breast augmentation came after the birth of my two beautiful children. After breastfeeding, I had noticed that my breasts no longer had their shape and fullness. This made me feel upset when I looked in the mirror as all I wanted was to regain that ‘womanly’ feeling I loved. My friends and family suggested I could just wear a padded bra, but it really wasn’t the solution I was looking for. I needed to feel content inside without any sort of insecurity about my physical appearance. After a friend had undergone a breast augmentation in Bangkok with amazing results, I knew it was what I needed and my husband supported my decision all the way.

After this I started working in the medical tourism industry and decided to also get extensive dental work done, which has really helped boost my confidence everywhere I go. After both procedures, I was thrilled with the outcomes and quickly became the go-to girl amongst my family and friends for advice and suggestions. It made me really happy to know that I could now help other people with their own journey after experiencing my own and enjoying the results. Sam and I know what it feels like to undergo plastic surgery ourselves, and we are here to support you and build amazing relationships along the way. It truly has been an unforgettable experience that has resulted in nothing but positivity and happiness.”




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